Electronic Jona Joy is a C++ clone of the released game Electronic Super Joy. It’s a hardcore platformer where you have use the environment to keep up with the camera movements. The game heavily relies on color aestethics to blend the character and increase the difficulty.

Technical Details

Engine: Hoefman 2D game engine (DAE)
Language: C++

Goals and challenges

This was the first full application that I wrote using C++. The biggest challenge was learning how to use C++ and getting into the mindset of problem solving. It taught me
how a programming language is merely a tool that can be used but the ideas can transfer across multiple disciplines.

This application was part of the Programming 2 module of DAE(Digital Arts and Entertainment). The goal was to recreate an existing 2D platformer game with interesting mechanics. The reason I chose Electronic Super Joy was because the player interaction is so limited but it still has so much to offer and I really wanted to make the animations in code. All of the death animations, explosions, checkpoint displayed are being created and animated in code.