person I'm a games programmer that is interested in graphics, engines and low-level programming.


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  • Visualizing your rust code using graphviz

    In a previous post I mentioned that the rust compiler allows you to output interesting intermediate languages/formats in a number of different ways.
    hir, mir and even flowgraphs! In this post I will be giving a brief overview of the flowgraph format and also instructions on how to generate images from your code.

  • Exploring rust

    Rust provides a lot of language constructs to enable and empower the user to write memory safe and correct code. But what happens behind these constructs? In this post I will outline ways of exploring rust and it’s compiler.

  • Recommended rust crates for computer graphics

    Rust has a relatively young eco system. In my journey of learning rust I found it relatively hard to find an overview of graphics crates that are available. In this post I will outline my findings and what crates I prefer.

  • Journey into rust #2: Compute Shaders

    I realized after my first post of this series that it’s not just a journey into rust but also OpenGL. I’ve used other Graphics API’s before but never actually got my hands dirty into OpenGL. Someone on the rust user forums (they are awesome, go check it out!) suggested using compute shaders instead. At the time I had never used compute shaders for a project so I decided to take some time to refactor the program to use a compute shader. This post is a follow up on that remark and will explore the possibilities of using a rust together with OpenGL to run compute shaders.

  • Journey into rust #1: Conway's Game

    Rust has been popping up on my twitter feed more and more. It’s been promoted and presented as the ultra safe language, so naturally I decided to check it out. The upcoming series of posts “Journey into rust” will describe and document my experiences using rust, hopefully explaining certain concepts that rust does differently. This will all be written from a C++ programmers standpoint that was thought writing Object Oriented code. I encourage you the reader to think critically and correct where necessary.

  • Foo...Bar?

    Hello world