Shape, the hardcore mobile game where you have to shift into the right shape before the wall hits you! The game consists of just 1 endless runner game mode. This game mode increases difficulty and occasionally will trigger a special combination.


  • Julian Declercq
  • Jonathan Steyfkens
  • Samuel De Vos
  • Sean Roberts
  • Vincent Vochten


  • Prototyping lots of gamemodes
  • Spline movements
  • Difficulty increase, design and programming
  • Shape shifting
  • Shape material
  • Achievements
  • Many small bug fixes

I really enjoyed working with Julian Declercq on this project. Together we formed a great team and nicely complemented each other. Sadly this project landed up in a ditch because of contract issues. Julian and I would love to work on this project but our team members did not seem to want to hand over the rights to actually do this.